Looking for high quality 3D printable terrain stl files? Look no further, explore our collection of printable models today.


Torbridge Cull Plus: With the completion of the Torbridge Cull Kickstarter, we are now creating all new Torbridge Cull content. Join our Tribe on MyMiniFactory to get a discount on new content as it’s released each month.

Resin Pre-supports: We are happy to announce that we are starting the process of preparing all our buildings for medium format resin printers. We will be updating one model every month and the new files will be added to any previous purchases if you have already bought the product. If you don’t own the model, you can join the Alchemist Tier on MyMiniFactory to get a large discount on each month’s re-release.

Torbridge Cull Plus

Resin Printable Models

We are currently going through our back catalogue and updating products with resin supports. As they become ready they will appear here.

We recommend using Voxel PLA when printing in FDM