The Wightwood Abbey 3D printable monastery set.

New Releases!

Following the release of the Wightwood Abbey medieval monastery core set, we are happy to announce the following items are now available:

  • Ruined Rookery Tower– This one is really special. 3 levels of play, multiple places to ‘perch’, ample cover and places to shoot from, and of course plenty of indoor space to maneuver. We’re really excited about the Rookery and what it brings to the gaming table. Learn more about it here!
  • Wightwood Abbey Smitty– This versatile smithing yard is designed to be used with the Wightwood Abbey core set, but can be used in any situation where a medieval forge is called for. Includes removable forge and 4 unique smithing tools!  On special til November 9!
  • Wightwood Abbey Water Pump– A beast powered device used to bring up water from deep underground and deliver it to a stone trough. Rotates and pivots!  See it here!
  • Cloister Gardens – Large terrain feature perfect for the centre of any large scale battle that needs traversable ground with lots of cover. Includes interchangeable ornaments and swinging bell. Check it out here!
  • Wightwood Abbey Core Set Bundle – Get the entire core set of 5 buildings and the surrounding walls. The full core play set for a massive savings. Buy it now!
  • Furniture Sets (also available as a bundle)- We’ve just released 4 new sets of 3d printable furniture designed specifically for our monastery set, but perfect for any table-top game. Check them out.

Need it printed?

You can now purchase printed models through licensed IDG printers.

Premium Features

Beautifully Detailed

Our vision of tabletop terrain is one of form as well as function. We want our gaming pieces to be able to fit equally into a historical setting as well as one of fantasy. For that reason, we’ve tried to keep true to examples of historical building methods and yet add enough of our own aesthetic to make them unique and full of character making them usable in both your fantasy and your historical games.

[fvplayer src=”https://www.infinitedimensions.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Scriptorium-for-site.mp4″ splash=”https://www.infinitedimensions.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/IMG_splash.jpg” width=”1920″ height=”1080″]

Accessible for Easy Play

Each building has removable floors and rooftops and can be opened up to reveal a fully modelled playable interior. Buildings separate at just the right height for internal gaming to be obstruction free, and our peg system allows for easy separation and reattachment of sections. As well, passageways and floor areas have been modelled to accommodate standard 1” bases, so you’ve always got enough space to move your figures about.

Wightwood Abbey 15mm

Print Scalability

Our .stl files are scaled to print at a 28mm tabletop standard (for ease of use with most roleplaying and tabletop miniature games) and are supplied as such. However, we have also made sure that models scaled to ½ size also print properly and can be incorporated into any 15mm historical wargame.

Easy to Print

Our 3D printable terrain is designed for standard 8″x8″ (203mm x 203mm) printer bed with minimal need for support material. We’ve carefully tested wall thickness, overhangs, potential bridging issues and other 3D printing pitfalls and have incorporated the most efficient way to print each part (given the variation of printers out there) into our final .stl files.

Lore and Campaign Material

All of our 3D printable terrain comes with free campaign material as well as a selection of scenarios for tabletop roleplaying and skirmish games.

Wightwood Abbey scriptorium interior

Interior Detailing

All the interiors of our models are meticulously detailed. So your scenery is just as beautiful on the inside as on the out.

Fully Functional Doors

All the models in the Wightwood Abbey set come with fully functioning, obstruction free doors that are printed separately and pinned into place with a piece of 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament. The doors swing open to allow your 1” based miniatures access into the interior.