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The Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter has now ended.

Thanks to 540 backers this fortified medieval monastery is now a reality! THANK YOU!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, we are now offering late comer pledges through Indiegogo InDemand. Still offered at a huge discount, the Wightwood Abbey core set plus all stretch goals which were unlocked during the Kickstarter is available here.

Wightwood Abbey

A 3D printable medieval monastery for tabletop games

Wightwood Abbey is a digitally sculpted, beautifully detailed, fortified medieval monastery. It includes a church, scriptorium, abbot’s house, stables and gatehouse (as well as numerous stretch goals). Wightwood Abbey has been designed with the utmost attention to both form and functionality to bring out the most in your roleplaying or wargaming experience. Each building contains multiple floors for when the gameplay needs to move indoors.

Designed to meet your gaming needs

Each building has removable floors and rooftops and can be opened up to reveal a fully modelled playable interior. Buildings separate at just the right height for internal gaming to be obstruction free, and our peg system allows for easy separation and reattachment of sections. As well, passageways and play areas have been modelled to accommodate standard 1” bases, so you’ve always got enough space to move your figures about.

multiple, playable levels
perfect alignment and stability using our peg system
Realistic detailing

Our .stl files are scaled to print at a 28mm tabletop standard (for ease of use with most roleplaying and tabletop miniature games) and are supplied as such. However, we have also made sure that models scaled to ½ size also print properly and can be incorporated into any 15mm historical wargame.

Our models will print on any standard 8″x8″ printer bed with minimal need for support material. We’ve carefully tested wall thickness, overhangs, potential bridging issues and other 3D printing pitfalls and have incorporated the most efficient way to print each part (given the variation of printers out there) into our final .stl files.

Our vision of tabletop terrain is one of form as well as function. We want our gaming pieces to be able to fit equally into a historical setting as well as one of fantasy. For that reason, we’ve tried to keep true to examples of historical building methods and yet add enough of our own aesthetic to make them unique and full of character. It is our hope we’ve created buildings that could be used in both your fantasy and your historical games.

can also be printed at 15mm scale
The scriptorium expanded to show playable areas
Printed parts of the scriptorium and the fully assembled building

Check out our innovative door system in the video below. This system, part of our Infinity Systems, allows doors and other hinged components to be fully openable and to operate obstruction free, evidence of our commitment to make our terrain the most playable and game friendly terrain on the market.

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Commercial printing and artisan licenses available.

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