Infinite Dimensions Games has been making high quality digital terrain for 3D printers since the fall of 2017. The company consists of James Binnie and Dawa Fruitman, who have been good friends since 1999. Between the two of them, there is over 25 years of experience in professional 3D modelling and both James and Dawa have been tabletop aficionados since the early 1980’s.

Infinite Dimensions Games was started for the purpose of creating beautiful and realistic scenery 3D printing. A need was identified in the gaming community for a line of detailed terrain with a high degree of in-game functionality and realism, and all efforts at IDG are directed to meet that need.

Each model is designed with the gamer in mind and are play-tested for ease of use and durability.

We want to see beautiful, realistic 3D printed terrain on the table and we want to be the ones creating it.

It is our most sincere hope that these models exceed your expectations and bring excitement and maybe more than a little pride when you use them in your games. That’s the reason we’re doing this and if there’s anyway we can do it better we want to hear from you!!!


James and Dawa

Old Friends - Kolkata, 2004

James Binnie

Director of Operations

James has been playing tabletop games since he rolled his first d20 back in 1984. Hooked ever since (with a brief 10 year break while he suffered from the punishing illusion that one couldn’t ‘adult’ and play games and the same time), he’s made tabletop gaming, and all the necessary creativity behind it, an important part of his life.

James has run a business as a painting contractor as well as the owner/operator of an art gallery, and he’s now bringing to Infinite Dimensions all his creative instincts, and the same dedication and passion that made those ventures rewarding and successful.

Dawa Fruitman

Creative Director

One half of the Infinite Dimensions partnership, Dawa has been working in the animation and games fields since the mid nineties. He brings with him a masterful design esthetic and a wealth of experience in 3d modelling techniques and relevant softwares, and production.

With his years of travels, photography, and studies in other cultures, he brings a level of minutia, creativity realism and charm to our creations.

Dawa is in charge of all our design and personally sculpts all our buildings.

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