Instructions for cutting models to fit on a 6” or 150mm bed size.


The Wightwood Abbey models were designed to be printed on 8” beds, but printing Wightwood Abbey on smaller bed sizes is possible if you cut the models up first. In this document we’ve included a spreadsheet that gives instructions on where and how to make the cuts using a free program called Slic3r.

If you don’t have it already,  you will have to download the Slic3r program ( Slic3r is a relatively simple program, but if you haven’t used it before it might take a little familiarizing before the steps to cut up a model become second nature.

After you’ve downloaded and installed Slic3r, you’ll need to import the model you want to cut up. Once the cuts are made you’ll need to export each new piece independently, making sure to label them properly to keep track of them for printing or making further cuts.

The models that need cutting in order to fit on a 6” or 150mm bed in the Wightwood Abbey core set are the:

  • Abbot’s House
  • the Stables
  • the Scriptorium
  • the Church

The gatehouse fits fine on a 6”/150mm bed as is.

Click here to download the detailed instructions and here to download the accompanying spreadsheet.