Frequently Asked Questions

No, Infinite Dimensions Games Inc. sells only digital models as .stl files for use with your own 3D Printer.

We test and recommend printing our files at 0.2mm layer height. We find this produces the best results vs. time on a well tuned printer. Some people may wish to print doors and small pieces at a smaller layer height.

This differs depending on printer, material, slicer and infill type but we generally recommend around 15% infill.

We add our own snap-off supports to the parts of the model that need them so in general you will not need to add any support material while slicing and printing with a FDM printer.

The 15 maximum downloads is for security reasons, it’s set to protect the accounts from being shared and used illicitly. If for any reason you reach your maximum downloads a simple email to us at will be all you need to have it reset.

This is hard to answer as their are many factors involved. We recommend an FDM printer printing in PLA plastic with a bed size of at least 8×8 inches (203x203mm).

Currently we do all of our test printing on some or all of the following: Prusa Mk3, Ender-3, Ender-3pro, Ender-S1.

Print at 50% scale to use them in 15mm games. All the models will print at that scale, however, they will naturally come out with less detail. We have successfully printed models at 15mm and are happy with the results. You may find that certain things like doors may not work at 15mm and very delicate parts around windows, torch brackets and the like might be weak. Our recommendation is to trim these off after printing at this scale. Doors can either be glued into place or left out. In fact, doing this we have successfully tested some parts printing down to 4mm scale.

Please check the email that you gave us in your backer survey or used for Indiegogo and check your junk mail folders to make sure you didn’t miss it. If you are a backer, we made you an account using that email so if you go to and login in the top right you can always click forgot password and re-enter your email address. Doing this will send a new email to you with a link to create a new password. If this fails please email us at and we will look into your case and help you get up and running.

People who have downloaded a file will be automatically notified by email when we post an update. Further we will post in the Facebook Chat group, which we recommend you join.

Please check out our Infinite DImensions YouTube channel where we have posted a video on how to assemble each piece of the abbey after printing. You will find tips for tools, cleanup, door installation, and glueing. In the future we will add new videos there based on your needs and our new products.

.stl is a standard file extension commonly used for 3D printing. It contains all the data of the 3d polygon models we sell and allows you to print our designs on your home printer.

You use a .stl file by opening it in a slicer program that comes with your own 3D printer or can be downloaded from various developers. The Slicer program gives your 3D printer specific commands to print your file.

When you make a purchase off of and you are agreeing to the terms of use which gives you the right to download a set of .stl files for your own personal use only. If you wish to giveaway or sell prints that you make from those files you must obtain a Printer’s License. If you are interested in a license please write us a

Many of our models will indeed fit on smaller bed sizes. As well, printing our larger models on smaller bed sizes is possible if you cut the models up first. On this page you’ll find links to detailed instructions on how to cut the larger Wightwood Abbey models into pieces that will fit on 6″ or 150mm bed sizes.