3D printable terrain

How to get Started 3D Printing for Game Terrain



  • Buy Yourself an FDM 3D printer


3D printers are affordable and easy to acquire, we recommend buying a printer with a print size of at least 8” by 8” (203x203mm). You can choose to buy pre-assembled or unassembled kits.



  • Assemble and set-up your 3D printer.


After you printer arrives you need to set it up by following the Instructions that come with it. Then set it up in a place to start printing, we recommend a garage, basement or spare room. Depending on your printer it might make a bit too much noise to sleep next to. PLA filament the type we recommend is mostly odorless and its non-toxic.



  • Instal Slicer Software


Your printer will probably come with a Slicer application with which you prepare the files for your particular printer. It’s called a slicer because it slices the 3d model into layers which your printer will print one upon the other.  You will have to set up the slicer with a profile for your printer (it probably comes with one) Also you can find lots of profiles that others have shared online.



  • Purchase some .stl files


Next you will want to find some files to print from websites such as ours, you can also find lots of free stuff on websites such as thingiverse. Once you purchase and download these files you can start to print them. Load the file in your slicer program and position it on the bed, then slice it! Once done you load the file onto your printer with the SD card.



  • Print


Once the file is on your printer you need to print it. You will have to learn a few things like how to load the filament and how to level the bed. It will take a few tries to get the hang of this so start by printing some simple objects and learn how to adjust the settings in your slicer to fix issues.


  • Have Fun


Once you have it up and running you are going to find yourself printing lots of stuff and your gaming table is going to wow everyone who sees it.