Naida – Amiable Herbalist

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A refuge from the War of Darkness in the desert lands, Naida fled to Torbridge Cull leaving behind unspeakable horrors. Yet despite, or perhaps because of, her traumatic past, Naida conducts herself with incredible positivity and friendliness. Her herbalist’s stall in the market is a popular destination for those seeking both remedies and a friendly face to buoy up their spirits.

  • re-scalable 30mm design
  • Includes pre-supported files for resin printing
  • Includes unsupported version

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This 3D Printable Amiable Herbalist is part of the Tales from Torbridge Cull 3D Printable Miniatures line

“She survived the worst of the Darkness and made it all the way to Torbridge Cull, and yet her kindness seems untouched by what she must have seen. I would argue she may be our town’s greatest asset, and anyone who disagrees can drink at the Falcon’s Arms.” – Rua the Innkeeper at the Last Hearth Inn

Petite and unassuming, Naida’s colourful garb and radiant friendliness bring much light to the often grim countenance of the collective faces in Torbridge Cull. She tends her market stall selling herbs and imported spices most days, but will often walk remote forest paths gathering plants whenever the market is closed.

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