Brewery Scatter Terrain

USD $8.95

The Brewery Scatter Terrain set comes with a large supply of barrels, fermentation vats and bottle cases for use in the Brewery or any warehouse, hideout, dockyards, or anywhere else you imagine using them. Several of the larger vats open up to provide a perfect hiding place for treasure or a sneaky NPC (or character) 😉

  • 5 large vats/barrels (3 with removable lids so you can hide things/minis in them)
  • 4 barrel stacks and rack
  • 2 bottle baskets and crates
  • 6″ x 6″ (150 x 150) bed size recommended
  • Prints at 28mm, can be rescaled before printing
  • Includes pre-supported and unsupported versions for resin printing

Attention: Purchasing this product gives you access to downloadable .STL files for use with a 3D printer. This is NOT a physical product. See our Terms and Conditions for more information. For physical products see our list of licensed printers.



This 3D printable Brewery Scatter Terrain set is part of the Torbridge Cull 3D printed terrain set.

“I know how to make all these barrels lighter!” – Beko ‘two toes’ Halvost, town drunk

It’s not always drink that’s stored in the barrels of the Scribber Brewery, but few dare to find out what else might be hidden away in those casks….

Add this 3D printable brewery scatter terrain set to your tabletop collection today!