Coffin Workshop Furniture

USD $6.95

This set of Coffin Workshop Furniture (or Carpenter’s Workshop) should be placed wherever wood is being worked on. Wherever someone is attempting to build something functional or beautiful, or both, from wood, place this set. Everyone will be a lot happier if the craftmanship is good.

Set Includes:

  • Workbench
  • Carving Station (lettering and blank)
  • Planing table
  • Planning board
  • Tool Bench
  • 4 x Coffin stacks
  • 2 x individual coffins
  • Coffin under construction (fits on workbench)
  • Workman’s Stool


  • 4″ x 4″ (100 x 100) bed size recommended for FDM printing
  • Prints at 28mm, can be rescaled before printing
  • The perfect set for any carpenter’s workshop in your games
  • Includes pre-supported files for FDM printing
  • Includes unsupported versions of files
  • Includes pre-supported files for resin printing

Attention: Purchasing this product gives you access to downloadable .STL files for use with a 3D printer. This is NOT a physical product. See our Terms and Conditions for more information. For physical products see our list of licensed printers.



This 3D printable Coffin Workshop Furniture set is part of the Torbridge Cull 3D printed terrain line

“When one is put to rest, it should be with the greatest respect and reverence possible. I do what I can to contribute to that reverence with my humble skills as a carpenter and engraver.” – Aria, Dedicated Artisan

A good product often requires the right tools, and this is certainly true for carpentry. A quality drafting table, workbench, and all manner of tools make a job easier and of finer quality. And a good craftsman takes care of their tools. The work that comes out of Aria’s workshop is of the finest quality, and the coffins she makes do honour to the families she makes them for.

Add this 3D printable coffin workshop to your tabletop collection today!


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