Arlythian Marker Stone

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Does the Arlythian Marker Stone serve to denote a path? A grave? The entrance to a secret chamber? Only the Arlythians know for sure….

  • Pre-supported version included for resin printing
  • Prints without additional supports for FDM
  • Prints at 28mm, can be rescaled before printing
  • Stands 2 ¼” high

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This 3D printable Marker Stone is part of the Wightwood Abbey 3D printed terrain set.

“The first of the stones was found near the ancient shrine, but many more have been discovered since. They seem to lead up into the mountains, or down from them; but how far up they go and where they lead is a mystery no one has been yet able to discover. ” – Grafus Holt, bartender at the Last Hearth Inn.

When the Talharians first came to Wightwood Vale they began to discover long abandoned columns of stone, each intricately carved, their purpose a mystery. The stones seemed to lead up towards the Khavahk mountain range, although they could just as easily have been leading down from them as well. Talharian scholars attributed the carving of the stones to the lost race of Arlythians who, according to legend, lived on the other side of the mountains. Although they have been called ‘marker stones’ by the current inhabitants of the vale, the stones true purpose is not fully understood. Perhaps they did just mark a path, but perhaps there is more to them that remains to be discovered.

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