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Wightwood Abbey Core Set Plus

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All the models in this 3D printable medieval abbey are part of the Wightwood Abbey 3D printed terrain set.

“The abbey has also always been a place of refuge for those who’s hope has nearly run out, and shelter and protection is given to those who come and ask for it. No questions are asked if one professes to accept the Light as their guide, and pilgrim, vagabond and outcast alike are welcome to camp outside the walls and gain the protection the abbey provides.” – an excerpt from the Wightwood Abbey Lore

This set includes every model that makes up the main grounds of Wightwood Abbey monastery (near and within the fortified walls). All buildings, all furniture, the Smitty, Cloister Gardens, Improvised Defence Gantries, and the contents of the beggars’ slums, plus the statue of the Lady Shannon and a marker stone that is in or near the abbey walls have been added to this set.

Add this 3D Printable Medieval Abbey set to your tabletop terrain collection now!

Images and a full list of included models follows:


3D printable medieval church3D printable medieval stables3D printable medieval scriptorium3D printed medieval furniture