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Infirmary of the Plagued

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The Wightwood Abbey Infirmary of the Plagued includes the following pieces at a discounted bundle price:

With this bundle you can lay out the Infirmary of the Plagued as envisioned in the Wightwood Abbey lore (or as an infirmary of your own creation). Each individual model in the bundle can also be used on its own in any other scenario you imagine, and could be combined with any of our other models for unique configurations and battles.

  • Prints in A LOT of parts
  • Prints without additional supports
  • 8″ x 8″ (200mm x 200mm) bed size recommended
  • Prints at 28mm, can be rescaled before printing
  • Includes unsupported version of the Storehouse and Prison Hut as well as pre-supported versions of the wooden fencing for resin printing.

Attention: Purchasing this product gives you access to downloadable .STL files for use with a 3D printer. This is NOT a physical product. See our Terms and Conditions for more information. For physical products see our list of licensed printers.



This 3D printable Medieval Infirmary terrain bundle is part of the Wightwood Abbey 3D printed terrain set.

“Let me tell you of the Jonquil Corrosion, the dreaded plague that brought ruin to Torbridge Cul and the Abbey. In the days before the Lady came to our gates, the corrosion destroyed lives in a writhing, phlegmy demise that spared few. It was a time of hopelessness, of despair and constant prayer. Then, came the Lady Shannon, fearless of the disease and relentless in her care for the afflicted. She ordered the building of the Infirmary and took it upon herself to see to the impossible, to cure the plagued; and if she could not, to ease their suffering if at all possible. In those days the funeral pyre blazed continuously, and the howls from the infirmary were relentless. The fence was all that kept the disease from spreading, and the quarantine kept safe, or kept us safe, from the worst stages of the terrible suffering. Be thankful brothers for the Lady and the infirmary she built. Were it not for her I doubt this land would still host our magnificent abbey, and the streets of Torbridge Cul would likely be empty remembrances of out past.” – Brother Sowards

The Infirmary of the Plagued is a massive terrain set. The Thatched Longhouse alone rivals the Church and Scriptorium in sheer size, but the entire Infirmary bundle is worthy of a Kickstarter unto itself! Three buildings, a large funeral pyre and an entire fencing set have been modelled to bring you a truly massive terrain compilation that can be used for a multitude of scenarios. The Thatched Longhouse is absolutely epic. It has two absolutely huge open floors that allow for serious multilevel battles with multiple entrances and exits. The main floor also contains a secondary room (with its own door), which adds even more options to possible scenarios. The Thatched Storehouse has 3 levels ready for characters to hideout or stage an ambush. Two entrances and an open 1st level give plenty of options for unique tactical situations. Use it as a workshop or monk’s quarters with the Infirmary, or for any other use you can think of in other scenarios (storehouse, garage, coach house, etc). The Prison Hut / Quarantine is an isolated, depressing hole of a building where the unwanted or highly contagious are kept from contact with others. A set of double doors keep the interned from making an easy escape, but all empathy is not forgotten for the unfortunate, as the occupant has access to a comfy little stove and, er… ‘adequate’ facilities.  This uncomfortable terrain piece works well with the Infirmary of the Plagued but can be used in a semi-permanent army camp, a village with a strict mayor, or perhaps an estate with a cruel landowner. Watch out! You never know who might be hiding in this neglected building! The Funeral Pyre serves as a reminder of how common a cruel death was to the infirmary, and on rare occasions is still used. The Wooden Fencing Set works well as a ramshackle barrier as well for any farmstead, village or impoverished manor house.

Add this 3d printable medieval infirmary to your collection today!