The Last Hearth Inn

USD $29.95

The Last Hearth Inn is a five story inn complete with a large tavern, multiple rooms and hallways, exterior balconies, and even a hidden attic. The inn is designed to be used with the other buildings in the Last Hearth Inn core set (the Hotel and the Guest House), but it can be used on its own by placing an optional façade on the side of the inn. The set also comes with an optional front entranceway that can be used to change the look of the front of the inn.

  • 5 floors of rooms and hallways
  • 2 optional facades
  • secret attic
  • working doors
  • Use our fog-of-war covers to keep the contents of each room secret to players 🙂
  • 8″ x 8″ (200 x 200) bed size recommended
  • Prints at 28mm, can be rescaled before printing

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This 3D printable Medieval Inn is part of the Torbridge Cull 3D printed terrain set.

“Have I been to the frontier? Wightwood Vale you mean? As a matter of fact I have, spent two weeks there at the Last Hearth Inn. Almost didn’t know I was on the frontier to be honest, as never a finer establishment have I had the honour of staying in. And I’ve been all over! The grand inns of Helvas Alva are made to look like beggars’ Hovels next to The Last Hearth! If you ever get a chance to stay there, it’s worth the trip and more… ” – Well travelled patron at a tavern in Helvas Alva

Built at a time when Torbridge Cull was overflowing with riches coming from the mines and forests, the Last Hearth Inn was designed to host a great many guests, and provide for them all a luxurious stay. The tavern boasts an intricately inlaid floor mosaic dedicated to the legendary saviour of Torbridge Cull, Lord Tymore, as well as a private room for the most intimate of meetings. A grand balcony overlooks the tavern floor and leads to exterior walkways that allow guests to reach their respective rooms. A special suite occupies the top most floor of this 3d printable medieval tavern (usually reserved for when Lord Tymore’s descendants visit) which even has a secret passageway to a hidden attic that only a few know about.