Rua – Renowned Innkeeper

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The capable owner and operator of the Last Hearth Inn, Rua runs a tight ship and is well respected by customers and employees alike. She suffers no fools and always treats visitors with a warm but curt manner that tends to keep people in line. Her clear physical strength and fearlessness has earned her the nickname of “Lady Bear”, which she tolerates as long as it’s said with respect.

  • re-scalable 30mm design
  • Includes pre-supported files for resin printing
  • Includes unsupported version

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This 3D Printable Renowned Innkeeper is part of the Tales from Torbridge Cull 3D Printable Miniatures line

“If she wasn’t running the Last Hearth, she’d be running the country. That woman has more skill and authority about her than the king himself. You didn’t hear me say that…”  – Perno Aguipa, Last Hearth Inn tavern regular

Rua took the Last Hearth Inn over from its previous owners in what appeared to be a risky purchase of a very run-down, and nearly bankrupt establishment. Within three years she had nobility visiting from the Capital to experience “authentic life on the frontier, with all the comforts of home”. Once word began to spread that the famous Last Hearth Inn was making a comeback, the business hasn’t slowed down since; and all of it is due to Rua’s ability and determination.

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