Ofalmo Grick and Chum- Reviled Slumlord and Vicious Attack Dog

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Ofalmo Grick rules the slums with a cruel and merciless hand. And that hand is often ready to release the leash of his vicious attack dog, Chum, and set him upon any resident of the slums brave enough to challenge him.

  • re-scalable 30mm design
  • Includes pre-supported files for resin printing
  • Includes unsupported version

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This 3D Printable Reviled Slumlord is part of the Tales from Torbridge Cull 3D Printable Miniatures line

“The nastiest bit of self-aggrandizing scum ever to curse our town.”  – Rua the Innkeeper at the Last Hearth Inn

Arrogant and foul, Ofalmo Grick strides about the Torbridge Cull slums like he owns the place; because he does. He extorts every possible bit of coin from the residents of the slums, keeping them in inescapable poverty. Backing him up are his enforcers; large and brutish scumbags who don’t hesitate to enact Ofalmo’s will at the promise of some negligible slice of his power and stolen coin. His dog, Chum, is just as nasty; biting anyone who comes within muzzle length and eager to rend an rebellious slum resident any chance he gets.

Add this 3D printable reviled slumlord to your tabletop collection today!


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