Woodsman’s Cabin

USD $12.95

A perfect getaway for the outdoorsy types in your campaigns. This Woodsman’s Cabin has a removable roof, detailed interior play area, and gorgeous animal head adornments. Just don’t answer the door after the sun has gone down…

  • 8″ x 8″ (200 x 200) bed size recommended
  • Prints at 28mm, can be rescaled before printing
  • Includes FDM pre-supported versions of all files
  • Includes unsupported versions of all files

Attention: Purchasing this product gives you access to downloadable .STL files for use with a 3D printer. This is NOT a physical product. See our Terms and Conditions for more information. For physical products see our list of licensed printers.



The 3D printable Woodsman’s Cabin is part of the Torbridge Cull 3D printed terrain set

“North of Hallanth Hill, don’t look for homes with lights in the windows, for those are surely evil spirits looking to deceive you. No, instead look for the dark and hidden shacks of those few hunters who remain; for the harder it is to find them, the safer they truly are.” – Teren Badewil, Outfitter in the Torbridge Cull Market

North of the ‘Cull a few brave foresters and woodsmen remain in their homesteads and shacks, making a living as best they can in the uncertain danger of the Wightwood. Some call them mad, some call them brave, some say they have made deals with spirits to keep them safe. Whatever it is that keeps them working the Wightwood is is a rare quality indeed, for only a handful of these individuals remain.

Add this 3D printable woodsman’s cabin to your tabletop collection today!


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