Yard Fencing

USD $4.95

This collection of sections of tall fencing and accompanying gateway is intended to accompany the Torbridge Cull Lumbermill, but can of course be used to create an enclosure for any situation you want. Includes 3 unique lengths of fencing plus a gateway with a hanging sign featuring an emblem featuring a woodsman’s axe and a machine cog, as well as a gateway with a blank sign so that you can add your own markings.

  • 4″ x 4″ (100 x 100) bed size recommended for FDM printing
  • Prints at 28mm, can be rescaled before printing
  • Includes FDM pre-supported versions
  • Includes resin pre-supported versions
  • Includes unsupported versions

Attention: Purchasing this product gives you access to downloadable .STL files for use with a 3D printer. This is NOT a physical product. See our Terms and Conditions for more information. For physical products see our list of licensed printers.



This 3D printable Yard Fencing is part of the Torbridge Cull 3D printed terrain set.

“Stay out! This is your only warning!” – A shout from beyond the wall

This set of tall and run-down fencing was designed to go with the Lumbermill, but of course can be used where ever an old line of tall fencing is needed.

Add this 3D printable yard fencing to your tabletop collection today!