Eerie Child – The Stolen One

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This silent, solemn child shies away from all company save that of her guardian, Ragust the fisherman, and that of the shoreline along the edge of the great Taranach river.

  • re-scalable 30mm design
  • Includes pre-supported files for resin printing
  • Includes unsupported version

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This 3D Printable Eerie Child is part of the Tales from Torbridge Cull 3D Printable Miniatures Line

“Silent though she is, she speaks to the water with ease.”  – Ragust the Fisherman

For decades Ragust was only ever seen alone. But recently a young girl of about 11 years of age has been seen helping him draw in his nets, clean fish, and otherwise ply his trade on the waters of the Taranach. No one is sure where she came from, and she seems about as antisocial as he is. When and how she showed up is anyone’s guess. Ragust was not known to have other children, and no one in town recognizes the girl. They work in silence together, slipping through the shallows in Ragust’s old fishing skiff, or sitting on the shore repairing nets. Whether the child stays with him or makes her way back to her proper home at the end of the day no one can tell. She seems to be with him constantly for a week or more, but then no one will see her for equally as long. Her presence is a complete mystery, and if approached she will turn and run back to Ragust’s fishing shack, or disappear in the tall reeds that line the shore.

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