‘A Light on the Dark Frontier’ – Wightwood Abbey Setting & Lore

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‘A Light on the Dark Frontier’ is a tabletop roleplaying and miniature gaming aid designed to augment your existing games or give you ideas for a new one. It includes descriptions of Wightwood Abbey and the surrounding area as well as characterizations of many of the locals and seven scenarios for you to adapt to your favourite system. Bring Wightwood Abbey alive with this lore and settings supplement!

  • Descriptions and lore on Wightwood Abbey and the surrounding area
  • 18 NPC character descriptions ready to be used in your game
  • 7 scenarios set to be adapted for your system of choice
  • Handy glossary!
  • Cool art!

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‘A Light on the Dark Frontier’ is designed to complement the Wightwood Abbey 3D printed terrain set.

“After months of pilgrimage, when I finally reached the gatehouse I collapsed from fatigue and they had to carry me inside. But my heart could not have been more glad, for I knew I would find a new life in the Light of Wightwood Abbey.” – Brother Rowntree , Monk of Wightwood

In this document you’ll find descriptions and lore for many of the locations found in and around Wightwood Abbey. You’ll also find characterizations of a dozen monks who reside at the abbey as well as some of the indigents and n’er-do-wells who live in the hovels by the abbey gates. We’ve also provided a number of scenarios, suitable for roleplaying or skirmish games, that feature one or more of the Wightwood Abbey terrain pieces available in our store.