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Retraction Settings

Weak pillars and uprights are often caused by bad retraction settings. For printing parts like the Wightwood Abbey Church windows getting these setting right can go a long way to successful printing. We found this video really helpful getting our settings dialed in:

Once you are ready try it out on this window piece from the Wightwood Abbey Church before committing to printing the full church.

Download: IDG_WWA_WindowTest

Recommended settings.

We test out prints on Creality Ender 3s and Prusa Mk3 printers at 0.2 layer height. We generally use stock settings but here a couple worth considering.

If you are having things like pillars breaking we recommend using minimum infill threshold with a setting around 40square mm. What this does is it looks for areas of infil smaller than 40square mm and instead of using infill it makes this area solid. This doesn’t dramatically increase the time to print the piece but it makes small areas a lot stronger while leaving large areas of infill unchanged.

If you are having adhesion issues (things disconnecting from the print bed) we recommend using a brim of at least 3mm but up to 8mm if needed. This adds rings around the footprint of the model on the first layer, giving it more grip to the print bed. It really helps on areas with small connections to the bed.

What Printers do you test on at IDG

We print our prototypes on the following printers:

  • Prusa  mk3
  • Creality Ender 3

We test our resin prints on:

  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4k
  • Phrozen Sonic Mega 8k


Window Masks

Here are some masks for you to make cut outs of the windows for the Scriptorium and Church.
You will have to scale them yourself according to the number in the image.
Church windows