3D printable terrain

Why 3D Printing is Right for RPG and Table-Top Gaming



  • It’s the Future


There is no question about it, 3D printing is here to stay in the Gaming world and it’s only going to be more and more ubiquitous. Although the print quality of most cost effective printers is close to but not quite the same level of cast pieces you buy off the shelf, the technology and cost of printing similar stuff is close at hand. SLA/DLP printers which can produce full quality miniatures are already in the consumer price range and only dropping and FDM printers are also on the verge of being matching this quality too, once you’ve tweaked the settings. As for terrain, the level of detail of even a basic FDM printer is good enough that you won’t notice a big difference on the table. Add in the advantages listed below and there is no doubt these will be more and more common soon enough. Why not jump on board now?



  • It’s way more cost effective


A 1kg spool of PLA can cost as little as $15, and there are so many companies producing stl files for you to print, whether they are free one on places such as Thingiverse of complex premium ones like you can get from designers like us the cost of the file and printing are still WAY less than a similar piece you’d buy and have to pay shipping on. On top of that digital designs are here to stay they don’t have a limited number of pieces produced and then disappear off the market.



  • Buy direct from the designers


Then you buy a traditionally made physical piece a designer is way down the totem pole. There are huge upfront costs to make prototypes, test, manufacture, distribute, store and deliver. At the end of the day the designer isn’t making much of the final sale price and for that reason not many designers can stay in business. But when you buy direct from designers like us the money is going right to the people who create. Almost 100% of your money goes into ACTUAL design allowing for us designers to make more eclectic and interesting designs.



  • Print multiples Copies


When you buy a physical piece you only get one. Break it or lose it? You have to fix it or buy another. Screw up the painting? You have to glob more on. Need a second, a third. A dozen? You have to buy each one for full price. But with 3D Printing once you buy the stl file you can make as many as you need. If it breaks you can reprint it or a replacement part, you can experiment with painting until you get it right, and most importantly you can make AS MANY as you like.



  • It’s Faster


Need a piece? Download it and get it started right away. Many pieces can be printed overnight or in a few days even with a single FDM or SLA printer that’s faster than shipping.



  • It’s Fun


Not only that but 3D printing is a fun hobby in itself, you will find yourself staring in fascination as the printer slowly brings your pieces to completion. And once you learn how to design your own pieces? Well then there is nothing stopping your creative process.